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Name:Dr. K
Birthdate:Apr 13, 1937
Location:Auburn, Washington, United States of America
Dr. K is an ectobiologist working for an expy of the SCP Foundation (called the Habakkuk Foundation) in a universe whose laws of physics are rapidly becoming mere suggestions, though due to the fact that she's an avid connoisseur of booze, cigarettes, and cocaine (and her job's high mortality rate - she lost her left arm in an attack by an escaped experimental subject), she doubts she'll live to see the world end. She's seen and done a lot of terrible things - things that probably would have broken a normal person. Luckily for her, she's a nihilistic, sadistic psychopath with a mild form of disassociative disorder (as in solipsism syndrome) - one of the most common psychiatric side effects of her line of work.

As of December 1978, she is forty-one years old. She has two doctorates - one in biology, and one in particle physics. Her biology dissertation was on the mathematical modeling of swarm intelligence, and her physics dissertation was on the detection of anomalous concentrations of exotic particles. The Habakkuk Foundation uses the principles of the latter in identifying objects that are potentially from alternate universes, and it was part of the body of research that went into designing their most recent generation of anti-ecto weapons.
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